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the-almighty-1 asked:

do you prefer the red new 52 nightwing costume or the blue one? personally I prefer the blue suit since its shows graysons doing his own thing in his own style and way and sets him apart from his past as robin.

I like both suits, really. I guess I have a preference for the blue one because it’s been the character’s identity for so long.

But I don’t really understand the flack the red uniform gets. It kinda bothers me seeing all the posts of it photoshopped blue. I think the fandom is a little overly sensitive about the color change.


The Pennsylvania branch of the Heroes Alliance joined the Lehigh Valley Zoo for their Season Opening Event on Saturday April 5, 2014. Captain America, Black Widow, Catwoman, Robin and Superman were on hand to greet children and their families. The HA team had a great time supporting the community and animal education. Special thanks to Green House Photography and Photos and Designs by Piera for photographing our event and to everyone for braving the harsh winds and dropping temperatures.

To learn more about the Lehigh Valley Zoo and their dedication to animals and the community, please visit their website:

Excellent. I hope you dig it. I think you’ll particularly enjoy Barry Allen’s appearances. He’s absolutely an upbeat portrayal of the character. I think that spin off will be pretty good.

He’s not as dull and broody as he is in the earlier episodes, though he’s not quite comic Ollie either. He’s certainly not a jovial swashbuckler, he’s much more focused. But not devoid of happiness at the same time. Probably a gray middle ground between the two. But the important thing is it feels natural. His persona and motivations don’t feel as forced as they did early on, so it works.

I’m on mobile, so I can’t use the actual reply function, so bear with me.

I’m not gonna lie, Season 1 got off to a rough start. I didn’t think I’d stick with it, but I was so fascinated by the flashbacks to the island that I kept watching. Though I often joked that the show was pretty much just the Punisher with a bow.

But it gets EXTREMELY better. By the time Season 2 hits, it’s miles ahead of Season 1. They make it work by using it as a way for Oliver to evolve over the course of the show. He initially leaves the island scarred and angry and lost. But as he makes friends and begins to find his place in the world, he starts to move away from being a vigilante and slowly discovers how to become a hero. That journey is really what the first half of Season 2 is all about.

If you’re open to giving it a second shot, I’d really recommend catching the Season 1 finale and then jumping straight into Season 2.

I’ve spent the past five hours of this car ride watching Arrow. Starting from Slade Wilson’s return in “The Promise” to the most recent episode.

I think my favorite part of this story arc is how quickly Oliver drops his “I can’t be the killer I once was” the moment Slade shows up. Because he’s freaking DEATHSTROKE. You don’t get the luxury of playing with kid gloves when Slade Wilson walks in the room. You either take him out of the game or you get dead. There is no middle ground.

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